The following steps show how, in 10 seconds or less, volunteers can help homeless individuals from the comfort of their phone.

1. When identifying someone in need, launch the The Social Rescue Project app

We recommend pinning the The Social Rescue Project app thumbnail on the home screen for quick access.

2. Select 'Record Location'

3. While your phone's GPS locates your position, provide more information about the person in need

The Social Rescue Project app requires the use of GPS satellites. To enable this feature on your device, go to Settings>Location & security and make sure that the Use GPS satellites option is checked. Based on tests conducted in outdoor urban areas using Sprint and Verizon networks, GPS positioning should take between 5 and 15 seconds. Different carriers and network reception may affect this estimation. Locations are acquired faster when using The Social Rescue Project app outdoors.

While waiting for the application to determine your position, tell us more about the person (people) you are tagging and, as far as you can tell, what they appear to need. This information is optional, but please try at least to report the number of individuals in need (options: 1 person, more than 1 person, more than 1 person and child).

4. Once your position has been located, select 'Send Data'

Pat yourself on the back, you may have just saved a life. The more you contribute, the more you help combat homelessness in your area.

Your submitted locations support efforts to protect the well-being of homeless individuals. Each time you submit coordinates, volunteer groups become better equipped to identify and service locations in need. Volunteer organizations are able to visualize your submissions on an interactive Google Map: