We are looking for volunteers and relief organizations to participate in our initiative.


Android users can volunteer their time — 10 seconds or less — to support local efforts to combat poverty. Currently, volunteer opportunities are limited to the Seattle, WA area. To learn more about how you can help, contact Seattle's Union Gospel Mission.

We encourage our volunteers to contribute as frequently as possible. The more location data your organization can collect, the better equipped they will be to identify locations in need and to coordinate the distribution of relief. To respect our users' privacy, we only collect and distribute latitude and longitude coordinates from your phone.

Relief Groups

We are seeking relief groups that would benefit from using our technologies. Our applications are free for use by any nonprofit organization, but they are tailored to support homeless relief efforts.

Using their private access code, authorized groups can register to use our web application:

To learn more about how your organization can use our software, please contact us at